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The Friends of Coy Pond comprise the residents of 191 households in the vicinity of Coy Pond and the gardens.  Formed some six years ago, the friends are pro-active in enhancing their environment; they spend their own time weeding, planting and generally maintaining their local environment using money raised by the three of four community events they hold each year.

The Friends are always looking for more members and volunteers, so if you would like to join please contact either Gill or Phil (numbers above).

The Friends group has spent the last five years working hard on the landmark rockery in Coy Pond gardens.  At some 180m long, and thought to have been built in the 1950s, the rockery had become overgrown and neglected.  As Phil points out, "Poole Parks department could never justify the cost of hand-weeding the rockery, it's too labour intensive".  Now cleared of weeds and inappropriate or dead growth, it is slowly being replanted as funds allow and was celebrated in May 2003 (see photo below).

The Friends group contribute both time and money toward the improvements at Coy Pond Gardens (see here), and in May 2004 helped make the Greenway launch the success it was; they organised the hog roast which proved hugely popular, as did the live jazz and cider that accompanied it!

In 2006 they are contributing 1000 of their hard-earned funds toward island and bankside planting of the regenerated Coy Pond.

Left:  24th May 2003 - applause and smiles for Mrs. Weld, High Sheriff of Dorset, as she leaves the stage having unveiled the rockery's commemorative stone.  Phil Jones looks on from the stage steps.

Other distinguished guests on the day included Poole's Mayor & Mrs. Ray Smith, local councillors and Clive Smith, Head of Leisure Services, Borough of Poole.

Chairman Phil Jones who has lived alongside the gardens for 18 years says, "we are intent on building good relations with local councillors and the borough of Poole; it is important that we communicate on an equal footing and understand each others objectives."  

The Friends produce a newsletter ' Pond Life', keeping local residents abreast of the new events, and highlighting the seasonal changes in flora and fauna in and around the pond and gardens.

Right:  Phil Jones pictured in the gardens with his dogs

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