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The Projects 2000-2007

 The Projects

 Bourne Valley Park

 The Greenway

 Coy Pond

 Valley Ponds

 Coy Pond Gardens

 Lagoons & Wetland

 Yellow Fish

 Use Water Wisely

 Op Streamclean

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 :: Bourne Valley Park

Bourne Valley Park - the most extensive and expensive project ever undertaken by the Partnership.

Over a two year period abandoned sports pitches were transformed into a haven for wildlife and local people through de-culverting the Bourne stream at was was formerly known as Alderney Recreation Ground.

 :: Operation Streamclean

Read about Operation Streamclean - a 5-year plan set-up and funded by Wessex Water with the aim of reducing sewage pollution entering the Bourne stream and other watercourses in SW England.

 :: Use Water Wisely

Use Water Wisely is a local water efficiency project carried out in 2002 with Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (then known as Bournemouth &West Hampshire Water).

 :: Lagoons & Wetland

In 2000 and 2001 we created a series of lagoons and a wetland (sustainable drainage systems, or SUDS) close to one source of the stream at Alderney.

Read about SUDS

 :: Coy Pond Gardens

Another, smaller SUDS was created at Coy Pond Gardens in 2003; it led to the discovery and subsequent prevention of regular but unintentional pollution of the Bourne stream by local companies.

 :: Bourne Valley Ponds

Works aimed at improving water quality & wildlife habitat were carried out to ponds at Scott Road & South Park Road in 2003;

In 2006 we dredged Coy Pond for the first time in more than ten years.  We also removed the island's rampant rhododendron.

 :: Yellow Fish Campaign

During summer 2003 and 2004 we worked with local residents and school children, spray painting the 'Yellow Fish' symbol beside surface water drains in the catchment - find out why and how.

 :: Bourne Valley Greenway

In May 2004 we launched the Bourne Valley Greenway, a new walking & cycling route developed by Greenlink, which follows the stream for 6.5km between Bournemouth & Poole.


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