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Use Water Wisely

As one of the members of the partnership, Sembcorp Bournemouth Water (then known as Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water or BWHW) ran a project from July - December 2002 that they called "Use Water Wisely".  It involved those people living close to the Bourne stream and its tributaries.

The stream acts, in part, as a drainage channel; treated water used on gardens in the catchment will ultimately find is way into the stream and have an adverse effect on its quality.

Aims: to link the use of water within the home to its effect on the stream environment, and to raise householder’s awareness of where wastewater and rainwater goes.

Funding: Sempcorp Bournemouth Water, The Bourne Stream Partnership, and the Environment Agency

To all those local residents interested, the project provided:

  • a water butt supplied and installed free of charge; this would enable residents to collect and use rainwater rather than treated tap water in caring for their gardens, thus delaying and reducing water reaching the stream;

  • a free trigger hose, preventing wastage when using a hose for watering the garden or washing the car;

  • the offer of an assisted home survey, checking the operation of toilet cisterns, adjusting ball valves and fitting a 'hog bag' (a special water saving device for the cistern) where appropriate, and re-washering taps if they were found to be leaking.  A simple 'egg-timer' style shower timer was also offered;

  • an audit of the property to determine whether a household's rainwater runs to a soakaway or not;

  • a calculation of the savings that can be made, if any, by water metering (based on occupation numbers and national average water use);

  • a gift left to reinforce the 'use water wisely' message (a printed tea towel was used)

Since then:

  • A final report was prepared by Sembcorp Bournemouth Water in March 2003.

  • During the summer of 2003, students from Bournemouth University carried out a follow-up research project , interviewing 300 residents to ascertain why they failed to the offer, and what might encourage them to take up future offers.

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